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We offer SUP Yoga classes & Yoga Events in the beautiful town of Voss from May - September! 

Let's swap our yoga mats for big, stable paddle boards and bring our practice outside on the water surrounded by snow covered mountains. 

Experience the world around you as you flow from one yoga pose to the next synchronised with your breath. Let the relaxing sound water and bird song bring you into a peaceful state of being. 

The class consist of gentle Vinyasa Yoga sequences on SUP-Yoga boards that flow into breathing techniques, balance postures, lenghtening and strengthening poses, and even a little playtime in the end of the lesson. 

Our yoga boards have anchors and we will be practicing on still, calm water close to land.

Our skilled yoga teacher gives a variety of every yoga pose, so that everyone can push themselves to where they feel comfortable and safe. 

It's always a possibility to fall in the water, and that's all part of the fun! But keep in mind that we do have wetsuits for you to borrow if you feel like wearing one.

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